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Here are a few suggested starter packages. Remember that a web site can be built on and added to at anytime.
Book a free consultation to discuss your needs. Phone Michael on 0434 547 225


Ideal for most business to start on the web
$ 2,200.00
  • Domain Name
  • 1x Business Bronze Hosting
  • 2x Email Addresses
  • 2.7gb Web Space - 27gb Bandwidth
  • 3 Page Responsive Web Site
  • Business listing on Multi Keys Network
  • ANNUAL RENEWAL: $594.00


If you need a few more pages...
$ 2,990.00
  • Domain Name
  • 1x Business Silver Hosting
  • 5x Email Addresses
  • 4.0gb Web Space - 40gb Bandwidth
  • 5 Page Responsive Web Site
  • Business listing on Multi Keys Network
  • ANNUAL RENEWAL: $660.00


Sell goods directly off your site.
$ 3,300.00
  • Domain Name
  • 1x Business Gold Hosting
  • 15x Email Addresses
  • 6.0gb Web Space - 60gb Bandwidth
  • E-commerce Web Site - up to 20 products
  • Business listing on Multi Keys Network
  • ANNUAL RENEWAL: $770.00

Alternative Payment Plans

We do have payment plans available over a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month period. Service fee applies.


Web Works have been building web sites since 1998, we know our stuff. If you are after a new web site you will be pleased to know that we specialize in building web sites to budget and we can tailor a complete package to suit your individual needs. Our web team are all based in Bendigo.

HTML Web Pages

They're What The Web Is Built On.

Our web design team builds highly responsive web sites using Bootstrap, css and HTML. Pages are mobile-friendly and fully compatible.with desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Content Management System

Edit your own web site content

Web pages can be taken to the next level with the addition of a content management system (CMS). We've spent years developing our web site control centre for ease of use.

Web Site Package Deals

Bundle and save with a package.

There's no time like now to ask us about a great package deal. We provide domain names, web sites, web hosting and digital marketing. It's cheaper to bundle them together as a package.

Web Works implement the most current web building techniques using the latest technology to create extremely responsive websites. Our user-friendly content management system (CMS) provides full access to change most of the content instantly with no coding knowledge required.



edited for our clients

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built for our clients


uploaded to YouTube

Web Sites FAQ

Yes. If you want us to host your existing web site we can arrange a transfer of your existing web site over to our server. We will need your existing CPanel access details to effect the transfer of files for you. These access deails would normally have been emailed to you when you first opened up your existing hosting account.

Visit your web site and shrink the page by clicking on the restore button (top right corner beside the X), move your mouse cursor to the right margin then hold down your left mouse button and drag it to the left to shrink the window. If the page re-arranges itself to fit snugly then it is most likely mobile compatible. Test it out on this page to see what we mean. 

That depends on your clients. Google says that over 60% of its searches are now done via mobile phones or tablets. Think about your clients and where they are likely to be when they're looking for your services. If you're a plumber then your clients might be at home on a PC looking for somebody to fix their leaky toilet but they could also be out on the building site looking for somebody to install their plumbing and it's this reason where being mobile compatible becomes important and could be the difference between you getting the job or not.

We make basic web sites from $495.00 including GST depending on what you need included. The average web site costs around $2,750.00 to build. Remember, a web site is purely a business expense and that means it is 100% tax deductible.

Make an appointment: If you are a local (within 50kms of Bendigo), we'll send out our consultant to visit you and discuss your needs and quote you an exact price. This visit can be done after hours if you prefer. If you're out of town then you can arrange an appointment at our Eaglehawk office or the whole thing can be arranged by email and phone.

The build: Once we know what you are after we will begin building your web site based on the information you told us. We will present you with the almost complete draft. This is stage 1 of the build. We then go through the site with you to discuss any changes or final tweaks then we finish the build. The whole process will take around 2-3 weeks.

Payment: Payment is staggered over three stages; a 20% deposit to start, a 30% payment at stage 1 and a final 50% payment once it's complete. We start your web site build once the initial deposit has been paid. 

Yes. The 20% deposit must be paid up front in order for us to start building your web site, from there our payment plans can be applied. Our payment plans will allow you to pay monthly for your site build over 6 or 12 months. A 6 month payment plan attracts a 5% extra service fee and the 12 month plan attracts a 10% extra service fee.

No, our content management system (CMS) is a optional addon that, when requested, we retrofit into each page once the site has been built. Implementation of the CMS costs around $110.00 extra per page to add or a little bit more to add to a web page not built by us because of the extra coding they require.

Yes. You know more about your business than anybody else and the more you can tell us about your business the better your site will be. Tell us about your business, what you specialise in and the products and services you offer. Gather up any flyers or catalogues as well as any advertising or marketing materials you have. It is helpful, easier and cheaper if you can gather as much information as possible and supply it to us in digitized format such as the text content in email, notepad. .pdf or Word format and the images in .jpg, .gif or .png format.

Yes but video can chew up a lot of your site's bandwidth and can prove to be expensive. Normally we upload your video to YouTube and embed it on your web site because the bandwidth cost is then covered by YouTube.

The Web Works office is open from 12pm-5pm weekdays, feel free to drop in for a cuppa and a chat. We are available on mobile 0434 547 225 from 9 to 6pm every day and 24/7/365 for emergencies.