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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to have a web site up on the web you need at least three things brought together.
A domain name (URL), a web site and a web hosting account. Use this page to learn a bit
more about each component.

Domain Name Registration FAQ

Yes. There are certain rules for .au domain names but no rules on registering a .com. If you own an Australian ABN then you can register a .au domain but you must register a name consistent with either your business name or the products you sell or the services you offer. If you are not eligible to register a .au you can still register the .com domain name if it is available.

The first domain to register is your exact business name because that's what the people who already know you are going to look for. If your exact business name is available then register that domain first. You may also consider registering other domains such as your main business occupation because that can help expand your keyword search terms when people search for you via search engines. For example we tried to register because that was the simplest name we could think of, but somebody else had already registered that domain. We settled on because it contains our business name and the au addition helps people see that we are Australian. We also registered a few more ie:, and because when people search for those keywords we want to ensure we are included on the front page of that search result.

You can register a domain name by visiting our domain management system at, typing in the name you want and clicking on search. You will be presented with the name you typed along with a few more different extensions. Place a tick in the box beside the domain(s) you want to register and click on continue. You will be prompted to fill out your details (so we know who it's registered to) and then you will be prompted with several payment options. Once you have paid for your order you should receive an email confirming your registration with clickable links, plus a username and password to access your domain management.

That really depends on who you are marketing to. If you are chasing local customers then a .au makes sense but if you are marketing to a worldwide audience then a .com makes more sense however domains are cheap and we can attach multiple domains to a hosting account so why not register both?

Note: In order to register a .au domain name you will need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN). This is not required for .com domain names.

No. A domain name registration simply reserves that name for your use but now you need to organise a web site and then you need it hosted somewhere on the web so other people can visit it.

Yes. You can leave it where it is or transfer it to our registrar. If you want to keep it where it is you can log in to your domain management system and point the DNS to our web server.

Domain Name Transfers FAQ

Yes. Visit and follow the prompts to transfer your existing domain name. You will need your domain password or AuthInfo code in order to transfer it away from the current registrar.

No. If you transfer it then we can manage it for you and relieve you of that duty. You can rest assured that we will look after it for you. If you want to manage it yourself then you can leave it where it is. This of course means you will be billed separately for domain and hosting and will have two bills to pay instead of one.

Yes. Transfering to our registrar means we can manage your domain for you and can make any changes required on your behalf. Your domain will then be bundled with your hosting which means you will receive one bill per year for both your domain and hosting instead of two separate bills.

You will need an AuthInfo code or domain password to transfer a domain. This proves that it is yours to transfer. If you don't have the code you can find it by logging into your current domain management. If you have the code then you can visit and follow the prompts to transfer your domain to our registrar.

The AuthInfo code or domain password is required whenever you want to transfer a domain name. You can usually find this in your domain management control panel. Look for domain settings then domain password.

If your domain is a .au domain and you can't find the AuthInfo code in your domain management you can click here to visit the Auda web site, type in your domain name and the code will be sent to the domain registrant's email address.

Absolutely. Give us a call during business hours (12-5pm weekdays) on 5446 3371 and we can organise doing the transfer for you. You will need to have access to the registrant's email address. The domain registrant will be emailed a confirmation of transfer and will be required to confirm the transfer for the domain transfer to take effect.

Domain Name Management FAQ

No, you will still own it. Nothing will change there. Domain names always remain the property of the original registrant and your rights to the domain are set in stone. When we take over the management for you the only change we make is to set the email address to ours. This is to stop domain scammers trying to trick you into registering a new domain.

Absolutely. When you register or transfer a domain name to Web Works we automatically set you up with your own domain management account where you can log in to manage your own domain any time you want to.

We usually set the domain's contact email address to ours to stop the many domain name scammers trying to scam you into buying a new domain which means your domain management account details may not have been sent to you. You can contact us using your preferred method below and we will send them to you now!

We don't need to manage your domain but it does make it easier for you if we do. The whole point of partnering with Web Works is knowing you have a professional team managing your online needs for you, leaving you free to run your own business without the worry or stress of falling behind on the web. We manage your domain, your web site and web hosting as standard practice and more often than not we also manage your online promotions, SEO and social networking.

Web Sites FAQ

Yes. If you want us to host your existing web site we can arrange a transfer of your existing web site over to our server. We will need your existing CPanel access details to effect the transfer of files for you. These access deails would normally have been emailed to you when you first opened up your existing hosting account.

Visit your web site and shrink the page by clicking on the restore button (top right corner beside the X), move your mouse cursor to the right margin then hold down your left mouse button and drag it to the left to shrink the window. If the page re-arranges itself to fit snugly then it is most likely mobile compatible. Test it out on this page to see what we mean. 

That depends on your clients. Google says that over 60% of its searches are now done via mobile phones or tablets. Think about your clients and where they are likely to be when they're looking for your services. If you're a plumber then your clients might be at home on a PC looking for somebody to fix their leaky toilet but they could also be out on the building site looking for somebody to install their plumbing and it's this reason where being mobile compatible becomes important and could be the difference between you getting the job or not.

We make basic web sites from $495.00 including GST depending on what you need included. The average web site costs around $2,750.00 to build. Remember, a web site is purely a business expense and that means it is 100% tax deductible.

Make an appointment: If you are a local (within 50kms of Bendigo), we'll send out our consultant to visit you and discuss your needs and quote you an exact price. This visit can be done after hours if you prefer. If you're out of town then you can arrange an appointment at our Eaglehawk office or the whole thing can be arranged by email and phone.

The build: Once we know what you are after we will begin building your web site based on the information you told us. We will present you with the almost complete draft. This is stage 1 of the build. We then go through the site with you to discuss any changes or final tweaks then we finish the build. The whole process will take around 2-3 weeks.

Payment: Payment is staggered over three stages; a 20% deposit to start, a 30% payment at stage 1 and a final 50% payment once it's complete. We start your web site build once the initial deposit has been paid. 

Yes. The 20% deposit must be paid up front in order for us to start building your web site, from there our payment plans can be applied. Our payment plans will allow you to pay monthly for your site build over 6 or 12 months. A 6 month payment plan attracts a 5% extra service fee and the 12 month plan attracts a 10% extra service fee.

No, our content management system (CMS) is a optional addon that, when requested, we retrofit into each page once the site has been built. Implementation of the CMS costs around $110.00 extra per page to add or a little bit more to add to a web page not built by us because of the extra coding they require.

Yes. You know more about your business than anybody else and the more you can tell us about your business the better your site will be. Tell us about your business, what you specialise in and the products and services you offer. Gather up any flyers or catalogues as well as any advertising or marketing materials you have. It is helpful, easier and cheaper if you can gather as much information as possible and supply it to us in digitized format such as the text content in email, notepad. .pdf or Word format and the images in .jpg, .gif or .png format.

Yes but video can chew up a lot of your site's bandwidth and can prove to be expensive. Normally we upload your video to YouTube and embed it on your web site because the bandwidth cost is then covered by YouTube.

Web Site Update FAQ

An update is simply updating your existing web site with newer information to have it reflect your most recent news. This could also mean adding new pages to your site. A good analogy might be to update your car by putting mags and fins on it and maybe a new paint job. An upgrade means taking any relevant information from your existing web site and putting it into a whole new mobile-friendly bootstrap format. The analogy here is like giving you a shiny brand new car with all the mod cons then putting in your old seat covers and that nice smelling air-freshener as a reminder of the past. Everything is new but some things will remain the same.

Updates are done on a per hour basis. Minor updates might take less than an hour and major updates might take us a few hours. We work in 15 minute blocks and charge $30.00 per 15 minute block. Upgrades are done on a per-page basis and the cost is roughly $220.00 per page. Every site is different and we're happy to quote you a realistic cost before we start the job.

Give us a call or email us (see contact details below) to arrange an appointment with our consultant.
Appointments: If you're local to Bendigo we can come to you or you can come to us. If you're out of town then everything can be done via phone and email. Our consultant will take details of the project and will quote you a price for the project before we begin. Once accepted we'll organise a contract and will request a 20% up-front deposit to start on your project. 

Payment is done in three stages. The first, a 20% part payment deposit is paid up front. The second, a part payment of 30% is paid once we've completed the initial build. We present you with the stage 1 draft then we go through it with you to make sure you are happy. We do the final tweaks and the site is completed. We will send you a 7 day invoice for the final 50%.

Web Hosting Support FAQ

When it comes to web hosting you need speed and reliability and Web Works delivers both in spades. We run our own linux dedicated web server, a 4 core Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 V2 running at 3.30GHz. With a 1000Mbps uplink to ensure superfast delivery of web sites to every single viewer every single time.

For the tech-heads, we have a fully redundant network with NO single point of failure, a state of the art data centre with backup power generators and HVAC units. We also use a 3rd party professional server backup service to back up every one of our sites to provide peace of mind when it comes to losing data. It simply doesn't happen.

You can point your domain name to our servers by logging into your current domain management, look for the DNS management section and change the current settings to the following.



Yes. We will need your domain management link, your username and password. This is usually emailed to you when you first registered the domain name. Forward that email to and we'll get it done for you.

Yes. If you own all rights to your web site we can do the move for you. We will need FTP or cpanel access to your current host. You will have been sent these details when you first opened up the hosting account. Simply forward us that email and the job will be done for you. Conversely, we can set up your new hosting account on our server and you can use our CPanel to do it yourself. Depending on the setup of your existing site this can prove to be a tricky job best left to the professionals..

We have a range of hosting options for multiple domain names. If you want all of your domain names to end up at one site then that is called domain parking. We can park multiple domain names on the one hosting account to save you money. This means no matter which domain name you typed into the browser the same web site will appear.

If you want each domain name to open up to a different web site then that would require having multiple web sites and a separate hosting account for each domain name.

Email FAQs

If your email has suddenly stopped working then the first thing you should do is open up your browser and visit your web site. If your web site is not displaying for you then it is probable your IP has been blocked by our server and this is why you can not connect to your email.

Usually this happens when somebody on your IP tries to enter the wrong password three times.

If your connection provider supplies a dynamic IP (most do), you can simply reboot your modem. This will create a new IP and your email should now work. If not, we may need to manually unblock you.

In order to unblock you we will need to know your IP.

Open up Google and type in "what is my ip". Your current IP address will be displayed.

Phone us on 5446 3371 and let us know that your IP is blocked and we will unblock you.

Your emails and web site should then work for you straight away. If your email still isn't working then it could be a problem with your computer. You should restart your computer (shut down, wait 10 seconds and turn on) then try again.

After trying the above two steps, if the problem persists, open your web browser and visit and check your email there typing your full email address into the username field and your password in the password field. If your email is working at then it means your email is working fine on our server and the problem must be with your computer. This may be your settings, possibly a virus or malware which may require the help of a technician.

Yes. We do have technical people on staff that will be able to diagnose and fix your problem. We do not mind our clients making use of our technical knowledge however there will be a service charge of $88 per hour for this service.

We do not keep records of email passwords. If you do not know your password we need to manually reset it for you. Give us a call between 12-5pm weekdays, let us know your preferred password and we can manually reset it for you.

The Web Works office is open from 12pm-5pm weekdays, feel free to drop in for a cuppa and a chat. We are available on mobile 0434 547 225 from 9 to 6pm every day and 24/7/365 for emergencies.