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Digital Imagery and Design

Photo and Image Manipulation - For Display, Advertising and More...

Having quality photos displayed on your web site can be the difference between gaining and losing a client. Sometimes it's worth spending a little more to have your photos professionally taken and then edited to ensure your business is presented in its best light. This is especially true when it comes to food or accommodation because we love to see what we're eating or where we are going to sleep..

Take Your Own Pictures

Use Your Phone or Camera

These days every phone is capable of taking pictures that are more than suitable to go on your web site. You can literally save hundreds of dollars by supplying your own photographs.

We Can Scan Your Photos

Get out the photo album !

If you have a photo album with usable photos then bring them in. We can scan the best of them to use on your web site. We promise to look after them and will return them safely to you.

We Can Take The Photos

but we are not the professionals

For a small fee we can come to your premises or job site and take some photos for you. They'll do the job they're supposed to do but they won't be professional by any means!

Professional Photography

Professional Photographer Available

We do have a professional photographer that can come out to you and take professional photos covering exactly what is needed. The average cost of this service is around $300.00

We Can Also Enhance Your Images?

When you have a nice photo to begin with there's so much we can do with it.

Image Manipulation

Spending a bit of time with an image allows us to enhance them in a number of ways. From adding a few words in the right places through to touch ups like adding a bit of grass to green things up a bit. Whatever image manipulation you need done we can do it for you.

This service is charged on a per hour basis. Samples of our work can be seen to the right.

The Web Works office is open from 12pm-5pm weekdays, feel free to drop in for a cuppa and a chat. We are available on mobile 0434 547 225 from 9 to 6pm every day and 24/7/365 for emergencies.