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Why Upgrade Your Web Site?

With Google saying over 60% of its searches are now done on mobiles, you're probably missing out on customers. If your existing web site is more than a couple of years old there's a good chance it won't be mobile compatible and it will be losing position in search engines.

My, How Things Have Changed!

With the introduction of Bootstrap HTML, CSS & Javascript the newer web sites are taking the world by storm.

What To Expect With An Update

Your web site will look like it always has but your information will be current and up to date. It may include a few more pages than before depending on what you have asked us to do.

What To Expect With An Upgrade

Our web design team builds highly responsive web sites using Bootstrap, css and HTML. Pages are mobile-friendly and fully compatible.with desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

We Can Also Take It To Another Level

Web pages can be taken beyond bootstrap with the addition of a content management system (CMS). We've spent years developing our web site control centre for ease of use.

Update or Upgrade?

 It is often more cost-effective to upgrade an existing web site than it is to build one from scratch. Having the information or web content already available from your existing web site means we can spend more time setting up your new infrastructure rather than chasing up the content as we do with new sites. Use the money you save to add more pages and increase your business web presence online.

Web Site Update FAQ

An update is simply updating your existing web site with newer information to have it reflect your most recent news. This could also mean adding new pages to your site. A good analogy might be to update your car by putting mags and fins on it and maybe a new paint job. An upgrade means taking any relevant information from your existing web site and putting it into a whole new mobile-friendly bootstrap format. The analogy here is like giving you a shiny brand new car with all the mod cons then putting in your old seat covers and that nice smelling air-freshener as a reminder of the past. Everything is new but some things will remain the same.

Updates are done on a per hour basis. Minor updates might take less than an hour and major updates might take us a few hours. We work in 15 minute blocks and charge $30.00 per 15 minute block. Upgrades are done on a per-page basis and the cost is roughly $220.00 per page. Every site is different and we're happy to quote you a realistic cost before we start the job.

Give us a call or email us (see contact details below) to arrange an appointment with our consultant.
Appointments: If you're local to Bendigo we can come to you or you can come to us. If you're out of town then everything can be done via phone and email. Our consultant will take details of the project and will quote you a price for the project before we begin. Once accepted we'll organise a contract and will request a 20% up-front deposit to start on your project. 

Payment is done in three stages. The first, a 20% part payment deposit is paid up front. The second, a part payment of 30% is paid once we've completed the initial build. We present you with the stage 1 draft then we go through it with you to make sure you are happy. We do the final tweaks and the site is completed. We will send you a 7 day invoice for the final 50%.

The Web Works office is open from 12pm-5pm weekdays, feel free to drop in for a cuppa and a chat. We are available on mobile 0434 547 225 from 9 to 6pm every day and 24/7/365 for emergencies.