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Web Management of Your Online Business

Leave it to the experts. With Web Works on the job there's no need to stress about your online business any more. Let's get it done!

We take the stress out of managing your online business, leaving you free to do what you do best. 

When you take on Web Works to look after your online needs we become an extension of your business without the huge cost of hiring a full time team. You might say it's like having your own web team working for you "whenever you need it" as opposed to having to pay a team full time.

Imagine how much you could achieve online if you had your own web department updating your web site whenever you need. Our professional team manages and maintains your web addresses, web site(s) and hosting(s) for you, plus we provide online marketing and SEO to keep you dominating on the Internet.

Our web management services include all web services, from looking after your web address, maintaining your web site and updating to social network posts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You decide the level of online engagement you wish to have with your customers and we can facilitate it for you accordingly.

Whenever you need changes to your web site all it takes is one phone call or email with your instructions and we will take care of it for you. Most smaller jobs are done almost immediately. Bigger jobs may take a day or two, but you can rest assured once we know what you need doing we're on the case and the job will be done post haste.

Our basic package comes with one hour's free updates per year.

When you host your web site with Web Works we ensure your web site is up at all times and we keep an eye on things to ensure you have the right setup for your needs.

You may need a new email address set up on your account or you might need a minor change to the information on your web site and all that takes is a phone call or email to get it done.

Beyond the basics. 

We take on the role of updating your web site more often. This covers web site updates, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, YouTube videos and more.

Our web management packages allows you to pre-purchase a set amount of webmaster hours at discount rate. Purchase a block of 10 hours in advance for only $880 (a $440 saving off regular price) and you're covered for a whole range of work.